Adjust Community Features. Analyze Margins. Sell Homes!

Specitup allows you to quickly and intelligently create, manage and adjust model options and pricing saving you time and increase sales by allowing you to react faster than your competition. Instead of waiting for plans to come back from estimating, Sales representatives can now close a deal in minutes instead of weeks. Using our intuitive and intelligent system you can propagate options and pricing from model, series and even communities extremely fast.

A New Way – We have adjusted the process and information flows to increase sales and you only send to estimating and purchasing when needed. The new way starts with sales, allowing you to be more competitive and react quickly to changing markets.

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Specitup Overview

Pro Forma Analytics

Auto Option

Auto Price


Get to Sales Quickly

  • Understand the profitability of your product without formal estimating
  • Save time by using automated workflows
  • Automatically add options and pricing across your portfolio
  • Intelligent and intuitive process automation
  • Advanced auto options and pricing saves hundreds of hours

Pro Forma Level Pricing and Spec’d Options for Every Sale

  • Know that you have protected your margin and extracted the maximum possible profit out of the sale
  • Know your prices and costs per square foot prior to sending to estimating and purchasing
  • Understand the profitability of your product without formal estimating
  • Create reports showing how competitive you are with other builders in your area
  • Create an entire virtual community to test market conditions
  • Determine what Series you want to build, copy or create better product than the competition

Seamless Integration with BuilderMT and Sales Simplicity

  • Hosted in world class data centers (Microsoft Azure) for redundant data backup
  • Your data in your SQL database
  • Enterprise level security and encrypted data transmission
  • Easy Set up and implementation
    complete solution – no additional modules to purchase
  • Get started immediately, easy to use, straight forward implementation
Quickly Spec Models, Series and Communities
  • Understand how spec levels and base house costs effect your profitability
  • Understand the profitability of the same model in different communities
  • Adjust and manage base house costs and option mark-ups per series per community
Automated and Elegant Workflows
  • Quickly add new spec levels to base house to determine profitability
  • Make more money by dialing in profitability per series, per community
  • No copy and paste
  • Hierarchical and intelligent processes
Add Pricing and Options to Models, Series and Even Communities
  • Know your prices and costs per square foot prior to sending to estimating and purchasing
  • Run profitability reports to see where you stand
  • Pro Forma analysis can be performed before land is purchased
  • Intelligently and automatically populate options and pricing across models, series and even communities

It all happens without any impact on your back office

With Specitup you now have the ability to completely change the spec levels and aggressively re-market or add that new plan you dreamt up last night without adding any un-necessary work or cost to your back office. This system’s entire goal is to put sales back in charge and give you back the power you haven’t seen for a long time. Builders that incorporate this methodology will win on every front – sales, market share and project management – faster and more efficiently, start to finish. Please contact us for more information and to schedule a demo.

Specitup Helps Builders Save Time and Make More Money