Complete Integration with Sales Simplicity, BuilderMT, and CG Visions

Specitup seamlessly integrates with other popular builder software products. All data is automatically integrated with Sales Simplicity and BuilderMT allowing you to focus on running your business. No sync, send, replicate or copy and paste.

Specitup Partner Integrations

Sales Simplicity Software

Based on annual sales and customer satisfaction surveys, Sales Simplicity Software is the number one Sales, CRM, ELead Management, Marketing and Reporting application in homebuilding today. Winner of Constructech’s Gold for 2007 and 2008, Sales Simplicity Software executes the Sales, CRM and Marketing business processes from web to first visit to a signed contract to design center with fast, easy-to-use navigation.


For the construction industry at large, BuilderMT provides highly-customizable workflow and building-process-management software that works in tandem with leading accounting systems and other wireless and jobsite productivity tools, such as CRM and warranty management.BuilderMT is widely recognized as a leader in process-driven, best-building-practices for builders, as well as customer service, warranty applications, online training and innovative wireless applications.

CG Visions

Award winning industry experts with a direct focus on the pragmatic implementation of (Building Information Modeling) BIM for Residential construction. CG’s products and workflows interface with Sales Simplicity to connect sales information to various departments within a builder’s operations, to prevent rework and promote consistency. See how a scaled approach can start early with your existing 2d prints and evolve into full BIM.

Punchlist Manager

Punchlist Manager.Net™ was founded in 1993 with the premise that happy home-owners lead to consistent referrals and uncapped growth. PLM helps you manage not only every aspect of your Service & Warranty department, but gives you a platform to maintain strong relationships with both your homeowners and trade partners. Access our web-based solution 24/7 to manage your open, closed and pending requests and service orders from anywhere. Factor in our built in schedule, our custom built inspections and the ability to capture homeowner sign-offs directly on your smartphone, you now have the ability to carry your Service, Warranty & QC department in your pocket.

Avid Ratings

Avid Ratings provides an award winning suite of software that over 2000 leading builders throughout North America are using to engage customers before, during and after the purchase of a new home. The program is comprised of GoTour and GoSurvey, two complimentary platforms that enable Homebuilders to virtualize their models, provide online options selection, and serve/cultivate customer reviews. The result is a digital selling experience that transforms a builders sales by an average increase of over 20%.

Specitup Helps Builders Save Time and Make More Money