Adjust Community Features. Analyze Margins. Sell Homes!

Specitup lets home builders set new home selling prices that maximize profit, while enabling automated management and pricing of features. Our solution helps home builders save time and make more money by giving our partners the ability to quickly create, customize and maintain home models and options. Sales and marketing need to drive everything – if you cannot sell it, there is no need to 3D model or estimate it. Construction, drafting, purchasing, and estimating should not be unnecessarily burdened by the introduction of new plans.

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Specitup New Method

“Using Specitup has saved us hundreds of thousands of dollars.”

— Dan Kent, Kent Homes


Analyze the market at pro forma pricing and feature levels

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Adjust to changing market conditions quickly and easily

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Easy to Use

Seamless integration with our partners

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About Rick Cosgrove, Founder and CEO of Specitup

With nearly three decades in the home building technology sector, reaching back to the early 1990s, when he was implementing RFI systems, Rick Cosgrove has been a technology innovator and software inventor. His principle focus over the years has been on qualifying models and options. His insights come through his work building over 100 BuilderMT databases (including all the estimating detail), and his intimate knowledge of the bits and bytes of Sales Simplicity. Designed exclusively for production home builders (50+ home annual starts), Rick’s software solution, Specitup, automates and makes more precise the error-prone process of setting selling prices for new homes that guarantees a profit for the builder. The basis of Specitup functionality is its ability to manage, price, and determine the margins for various features contained in the “base home” that builders offer to their buyers. By knowing the combined price of the features, the builder can determine his square foot selling price, apply his desired margins, and set a home price that maximizes profits.

Specitup Helps Builders Save Time and Make More Money